SRA has a proven record of consultation in regeneration programmes both in general terms and in relation to specific policy areas. One of the challenges in regeneration programmes is encouraging local people to take part in the decision making process in a constructive manner. SRA have proven expertise in encouraging participation and overcoming the internal divisions which can arise.

When working in disadvantaged areas SRA sometimes train and employ local people to work alongside their own staff to carry out consultation. Where this is accompanied by certification such capacity building has often led to local people obtaining permanent employment in the market research industry.

  • A range of consultation methods have been produced to ensure that local people have a say in the regeneration of their area. Techniques have included open-air events, web-based consultation, workshops and focus groups.
  • Shared use of footpaths by cyclists and pedestrians – implications for people with disabilities.
  • One area of current interest is to develop methods of including people who are not yet living or working in the area to participate in engagement about future development. This can bring a fresh perspective and avoid reactive opposition or ‘nimbyism’ (not in my back yard).
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