SRA has an excellent track record and clear expertise in the area of policy evaluation, including the assessment of new policy initiatives. Evaluation requires a set of diverse analytical skills, including an understanding of: the key policy objectives, how the policy is translated in operational terms, and the ways in which the policy is perceived and evaluated from a variety of perspectives. Strong communication skills are also required as well as a range of approaches to eliciting key information, some of which may be confidential or held defensively.

SRA have carried out evaluation of public consultation and given valuable insights into the effectiveness of different types of public involvement.

Innovative methods of evaluation have been developed in a variety of different policy areas, including public transport and regeneration, neighbourhood management and road safety projects.

Other research has evaluated funds created to aid the development of enterprise in disadvantaged communities, and to tackle social exclusion and issues of access to business support and finance in these communities.

Children with Police in Watford.