A great deal of SRA‘s work involves understanding how people choose different modes of travel. In particular, SRA have frequently challenged the view that cars are only important for the better off sections of society. Thus, research has been carried out into the ways in which access to cars can overcome unemployment and many other aspects of social exclusion. SRA have also carried out work on ways of encouraging car sharing for all types of journey including school runs, work trips and long distance journeys.

  • SRA have worked to suggest ways that people on low incomes may receive financial help to pass their driving test.
  • Another interest is the difficulty experienced by older drivers – an important subject as the growing numbers of today’s licence holders age. For example, a recent survey for the EU showed that there was widespread support by older drivers for a retest as well as the impact of daylight saving on driving skills.
  • Key current interest is the attitude of the public, including motorists, to congestion charging. This has led to ongoing research suggesting that public opinion is not necessarily against this idea and that acceptance depends on how the debate and question is put.