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about social aspects of planning, social policy and transport

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SRA are recognised as the market leader in research and consultancy about social aspects of planning, social policy and transport. The company place particular emphasis on the understanding of attitudes and perceptions which can be as influential on behaviour as ‘objective reality’.

SRA have used this approach to help develop policy in areas as diverse as health, childcare, road safety, crime and housing policy. SRA also carry out socio-economic analysis, audits and policy evaluation. Our specialism is working with so called ‘hard to reach’ groups. The company also carry out diversity training customised for particular clients.

SRA offer quantitative and qualitative skills in market and social research including well-tried methods such as focus groups and surveys. These are frequently applied to new forms of innovative and inclusive consultation which encourage people to make civic choices as citizens rather than as individual consumers. The company have written good practice guides on these subjects and also advise others in the market research industry.

SRA News

How to Encourage Walking

Two current survey based projects are researching what motivates people to walk more. One part of an EU project on older mobility is looking at the influence of improved infrastructure on increasing walking. The emerging results show some unexpected influences on walking such as British Standard Time and widespread misunderstanding of how puffin crossings work. A second study with Living Streets is monitoring the impact of community-led initiatives to encourage walking following public realm improvements in nine different local authority schemes ( Results to date demonstrate the added value of combining infrastructure improvements with education and publicity measures.

As local authority cuts to supported and social transport services kick in new approached to meeting travel needs are essential. SRA are working on various projects in rural areas including West Lindsey and Leicestershire to explore community based solutions.
SRA have always had a special interest in taxi travel and the need to improve standards.

The company have set up a charity to support customers and are working with local authorities such at Watford BC to carry out ‘mystery shopper’ surveys especially in relation to the experiences of disabled travellers.